People to Know 2015: Nick Jonas

People to Know 2015: Nick Jonas
You think you know Nick Jonas?Think again.Gone is the floppy-haired tween idol whose adorkable smile graced the bedroom walls of girls across the country. In his place is the beefed-up solo star whose flirty pout … well, graces the bedroom walls of girls across the country.Meet Nick Jonas, 2.0.He sings, though not with his brothers and not about pom-poms. He acts, though not in Disney song-and-dance flicks. He’s 23 and ready to be taken .

Diabetes and Technology

  Diabetes has grave social and economic implications for individuals and society. It is a huge challenge both in the developed world and in developing countries.Innovation and technology have transformed the lives of patients with diabetes.Diabetes was first documented as a condition in 1500 BC, in 1869 Paul Langerhans described the islet cells of the pancreas and in 1921 Frederick Banting and Charles Best discover insulin. Since then:1969 the first portable blood glucose meter was .

After Becoming Alphabet, Google Inks Another Healthcare Deal

As if Google’s big news weren’t enough, it was revealed today that Dexcom, a leading glucose-monitoring company, is partnering with the company’s Life Sciences group to make smaller, better devices for people with diabetes. Dexcom’s hope is that, by combining its own technology with miniaturized electronics from Google GOOGL +0.61%, “when we get through the development we’ll have something that is very, very low cost and very small,” says Dexcom vice president Steve Pacelli.The .

Hallie Addington. Learning through advocacy for Type I Diabetes

Hallie AddingtonLearning through advocacy for Type I DiabetesHallie Addington (Right), daughter Avery and husband Jason.Imagine for a moment what it’s like to have five injections a day, one before every meal or snack, anticipating every morsel of food that you will eat before you eat it, adjusting each injection accordingly. But what if you decide to go for a bike ride? You’ll have to figure out how your increased activity level will influence your .

How A Beauty Queen With Diabetes Found Her ‘Sugar Linings’

Last July, a photo changed Sierra Sandison’s life. She went onstage in the Miss Idaho pageant with an insulin pump clipped to her bikini bottom. The photo and the #ShowMeYourPump hashtag she created went viral on social media and became NPR’s most popular online story of the year.By the time the Twin Falls native walked the runway at the Miss America pageant in September with the insulin pump again clipped on her bikini, Sandison .

Reegan’s Rule Clears Legislative Hurdle

A bill to make Type 1 diabetes screening more common has made progress in the North Carolina legislature, but language that would have mandated screening has been removed from the legislation.The North Carolina House of Representatives voted 111 to 6 to pass a bill known as Reegan’s Rule, which encourages well-child medical practitioners to educate parents of newborns and toddlers about the warning signs of diabetes. While the bill has advanced, a requirement to .